The EC Riptides, Eckerd’s dance team, performed for the first time this year at Triton Tipoff, paying off all their hard work in front of a bleacher full of fans.

The Riptides are a group of 17 dancers who train diligently and perform at various events on campus. They have been a club at Eckerd since 2013 and are always looking for new dancers who love the art and the sport.

Captain-hopefuls are able to run for the position at any time, and the selection process is decided by a vote amongst the entire team.

“It’s not limited to only seniors. It usually ends up being that way, but any member can become a captain,” senior captain Candace Cocca said.

A captain’s various responsibilities include scheduling practice times and creating new routines. The captains also help coordinate tryouts and choose new members for the team.

Team members can expect to practice at least four times a week for about two hours. Practices consist of rehearsing routines as well as fitness training to make sure all the athletes are in peak physical condition.

“I love it. It’s a lot of work and a big commitment but we all get so close,” Cocca said.

After the routine is finished and the hours of practice have passed, the Riptides are set to perform. A Riptide dance routine runs anywhere from three to four minutes long and includes various moves and techniques.

The Riptides can be friended on Facebook and followed on Instagram at ec.danceteam. The team holds tryouts in the fall of every year, and information about dates can be found on their Facebook page, EC Riptide Dance Team Fan page.

“We try to be as selective as possible with the team. If you join too late it’s hard to get in with the team and catch up on routines,” Captain Laine Wirth said.

This year, the team will dance at events such as Parent Weekend and then a dance recital at the end of the year. They will also be saying goodbye to four seniors, and will be looking to add new, enthusiastic dancers.

“We really just want people to come out and come watch us dance because really, we’re just showing off what we love,” Wirth said.

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