Intramural Football

Dylan Domer (right) receives a snap from Colin Zazzaro (left).

On a cold Sunday night, a few students spread across the bleachers at Johnson Field, sharing blankets and cheering on 10 intramural flag football teams. 

Three nights a week at Johnson Athletic Field since Oct. 26, teams have competed for the ultimate prize; intramural champion T-shirts and bragging rights. The top two teams as of Sunday are the Joyriders (7-1) and the Touchdowns (7-0). 

Thomas Boudreau ‘21, coordinator of recreational programs and services, brought intramural sports back to campus after the pandemic temporarily shut them down. He said club sports provide ways for all students to participate in athletics.

“It’s cool to watch because it gives an opportunity to get outside and exercise in a fun way,” Boudreau said. “With intramural, you can see a blend of students – athletes and non-student athletes – coming together to participate in an athletic event.”

Plenty of NCAA athletes can be spotted on the field. Some women’s soccer players got a team together, as did players from the men’s soccer team who are playing under the name Touchdowns, and are currently at the top of the league.

“We’re trying to teach soccer guys how to use their hands,” Braden Bradford, senior on the men’s soccer team and member of the Touchdowns said. “That’s the biggest challenge but we have speed.”

Bradford said that whether on the field for soccer or flag football, they run a lot.

“It’s nice to come out with the boys and try something new,” Bradford said.

There are also positions for those who want to be a part of flag football without playing the sport. Azor Goodwin, senior and coach for the Joyriders, comes to every game with a tucked-in polo, coffee mug, aviator sunglasses, baseball cap, and a single chicken wing on his necklace just in case his players get hungry. 

The Joyriders lost on the last play of their game Sunday – half the players were injured and the other half couldn’t make it, causing late replacements. 

Goodwin said, “we played our hearts out. So what I say is, forget about this game. We got one more for the playoffs, and then when we get to the playoffs just steamroll everybody.”

Eric McCoy, senior and referee, has been a part of intramural flag football for two years now. He said the negative side of reffing is taking the heat when making a difficult call but understands the competitiveness athletics bring out of everyone involved.

This season began on Oct. 26 and only six teams make it to the playoffs, which are happening this week. The last intramural sport of the semester is 3 v. 3 basketball – get your players and coaches together now, sign-ups end Monday.

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