the Women’s Basketball team won in a close game against the previously undefeated, Florida Tech on Wednesday, Nov. 16. In an aggressive game riddled with fouls, Eckerd pulled through with a 65-53 win.

 This is the first game Eckerd Women’s Basketball has won against Florida Tech in four years, creating an exciting evening for the team’s seniors. While the player’s offense wasn’t lacking, the defensive efforts of the team are what handed them the win.
“We defended well,” Head Women’s Coach Paul Honsinger said.  “I actually thought we executed well, we just had a hard time putting the ball in the basket today. So our defense carried us.”
The game was an exciting match up as Eckerd played physically to match Florida Tech’s aggressive playing style. The last five minutes were especially physically demanding and Eckerd took advantage of it, making a few points that carried them over.
“At times that’s not the most pretty game to watch,” Said Honsinger. “It’s marred with fouls.”
Senior Victoria Vine had a rewarding game with a career best of seven steals. She also led the team in scores with seventeen points.
“I was really focused on defense and rebounding,” Vine said.  “I think everyone being up on the ball allowed me to get some steals, especially from some deflections other people had and we played well on transition.”
Two other noteworthy players were Anna Deegan and Ada Yalcin. Deegan was an offensive force in the game with outstanding three-pointers. Yalcin helped snag the win with her defensive powers, knocking down Florida Tech’s free throws. Altogether, the win was a team effort.

“We have always had a rivalry against them and they have always been so physical,” Vine said. “Being able to win in such a good way where everybody participated on the win is an awesome feeling.” 

After Wednesday night’s win the Women's team took to the road on Saturday, Nov. 19 and had a close loss against Embry-Riddle with an end score of 64-66.

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