#ECOECKERD tote bag Feb. 2019

Junior Emma O’Brien and senior Davin Tranfield in the Kappa kitchen with their new reusable bag.

Students traded in their single-use plastics for tote bags on Saturday, Feb. 9. The Kappa field event was formed with the help of 16 sponsors, including ECOS, Bon Appetít and ecgreen.

Senior Francesca Larrain is a international business major and helped organize the trade-in event. During a study abroad trip to Germany, she noticed that supermarkets in the country weren’t giving out single-use plastics without a charge, encouraging customers to bring their own bags.

“I thought well, the United States is so ahead in so many industries and fields, why are they so behind in the realm of sustainability? So then I came back to Ecked and decided to plant the seed,” Larrain said.

Larrain’s mission with the reusable totes is for students to represent Eckerd and themselves as environmentally friendly out in the world.

Senior Jenny Koester is a marine science major who is also a part of the plastic trade-in project.

“Right now we are contacting the art department and they are interested in creating an art piece and reaching out to students to see if they are interested,” Koester said.

If the bags are not used for an art project they will be properly disposed of and taken to Publix.

More tote bags will be given away in future events, like an Apr. 20 Kappa field day where students can participate in Dorm Olympics and receive a dorm shirt as well as the plastic tradein tote.

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