Bosco the Rottweiler Lab

Senior Ellen Mazzone's Rottweiler/Lab mix Bosco. He is a emotional support animal with an affinity for chasing lizards. 

Rottweiler / black lab mix Bosco is an adopted ESA (emotional support animal) to senior Ellen Mazzone and is about a year and ten months old. He loves to meet new people and cuddle and kiss people that he is close with.

Bosco was discovered in Tarpon Springs, Florida, by Mazzone and a friend when he was wandering the street dodging cars. They called the police since he had no identification and seemed to be in poor health.

The police discovered that he was a stray and suggested Mazzone keep him if she could. Mazzone took him to give him the care that he needed instead of sending him to a shelter, and they have been together ever since.

Mazzone’s favorite part of Bosco is his squishy face. Bosco’s favorite activity is chasing lizards. Bosco is a dog with a lot of nicknames. His main ones are Mush, Mushy and Mush Bot. Bosco is an introvert and isn’t interested in things for too long. And Bosco has the perfect temperament for being an ESA.

“I struggle with feelings of isolation and hopelessness, but Bosco gives me a sense of purpose and a source of love,” Mazzone said.

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