Party Evolution, solo cup 2019

Compared to years past, Campus Safety now sends out weekly emails in an effort to increase transparency and clarity of approved amplified music locations during weekends.

Throughout the years, Eckerd parties have changed and are no longer as fun as some alumni remember. The rules have gotten more strict and less students care about the themes. 

A few years ago, parties were almost always announced with their own Facebook event by Kappa Party People and a few Nu students. Now, Campus Safety sends out emails for approved amplified sound and the Know Your Limits Facebook page announces the themes. 

Know Your Limits was created by senior Donovan Pepin last year because students were having issues with overindulgence. Now, the group sponsors events and Pepin personally meets with Fred Sabota, associate vice president and associate dean of students, and Tonya Womack, head of campus safety, before every event.

Pepin held a town hall meeting with dorm senators and DJs at the start of the semester to pick the first several themes, and plans to hold another one for the second half of the semester. 

But these themes are slowly being ignored by current students. A few years ago, showing up without dressing up made you stand out.

“A good portion of people dressed up, I think they outnumbered those who didn’t,” alumnus Corey Robinson ‘18 said.

The parties also don’t last as long, with students going late and Campus Safety shutting them down at exactly 1:00 a.m. 

“People usually show up at 12:00 or 11:30 and party for maybe an hour, then leave and go back to party in their rooms,” first-year Elijah Blue said.

While Campus Safety is here to keep us safe, their proximity seems to be keeping some students away. Students are spending more time in their own rooms rather than the courtyards.

“They [Campus Safety] are there almost every time,” Blue said. “They’re normally just sitting outside.”

The only party in Omega this year was held in the courtyard, and no one was allowed on the balconies. 

At Nu, students on party councils walk around the balcony and tell people to go down to the courtyard. 

“They [Campus Safety] have been doing their job,” Pepin said. “It’s not the individual guys, it’s the stricter rules that are put in place.”

With Know Your Limits and dorm senators keeping the parties under control, the added presence of Campus Safety only keeps students away.

“They [campus safety] always did their drive-arounds to make sure that everything was going okay,” Robinson said. “But I don’t remember them walking around the balcony of Omega during a party or sitting around for awhile.”

Campus Safety has been checking ID’s and taking guests’ drivers licences so the party guests are controlled and documented. With that being done and having EC-ERT on call, accidents can be quickly taken care of and Campus Safety can be called if needed.

Pepin explained that parties are shut down because of amplified noise, not because of the amount of people.

Once Campus Safety sends out the emails of approved amplified sound they shouldn’t be constantly present.

Eckerd is a great school with something for everyone, including party-goers. Students deserve some freedom to be at organized and approved parties without being closely watched by Campus Safety.

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EC Alum

Yup, we get it, Ansley, you want to be treated like an adult. The problem is when us Alumni left you Eckerd, we left you a college with no rules - be cause we self-governed. Thirty-years later, you are being governed because you have proven time after time that you are not capable of self-governing. In the 80's, we had parties all the time, and not once was an ambulance called due to a student being too drunk to function. Yet, in 2013, when my child attended Eckerd, there was barely a weekend that ambulances weren't called due to a student being so drunk, they risked dying from alcohol poisoning. Secondly; really Ansley? This is what you're complaining about? Someone is watching our for your best interest? Someone cares enough to do their job correctly - to watch out for the safety of the students and you are *complaining* about it? You, my dear Ansley, are why adults are disgusted with your generation; you can't distinguish what's important and don't have the decency to appreciate what's really important in life. Finally, I hope when you leave Eckerd, you get married and have children - because I think only then will you understand what it's like for parents to watch their child drown themselves in alcohol, risk their very life, and then complain they can't have more freedom. As a former EC student who was just as stupid, I can tell you, as a parent, it's sickening.

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