Hey Eckerd, Donovan here. For those who don’t deal with me talking too much in class or acting like a fool at Another Man’s Trash, don’t worry, I’m still involved in your life too. I am the founder of the #KnowYourLimits campaign on campus and with the help of a bunch of great homies, I work to make sure that y’all have a party to go to every weekend. Throughout my time doing this, I’ve worked to make the party process as transparent as possible. With my last Springtopia approaching, I wanted to try one last medium to connect with y’all, and share the secrets of how this party s*** works.

First off, the people that throw your parties are not elected, nor paid, nor really thanked in anyway other than seeing your smiling faces every weekend. The crew of people that help me make every weekend so special to you, bust their ass for the culture, and not the clout. This motley assortment of DJs, senators and students spend every weekend, their own money, and their free time to provide y’all with a good time. So please help them out! Pick up some trash on your way to and from the party, and please for the love of god stop requesting songs. The DJs don’t have “Sweet Caroline” downloaded and you asking for a fifth time isn’t going to change that. However, if anyone wants to learn how to become a DJ, which is basically a convoluted way to snag the aux, feel free to reach out!! We have lots of great performers who would love to teach the next generation how to spin! Because these events are thrown by individuals and not the school, we use speakers that are owned by students. Please remember that next time you are thinking about trying to stand on one.

In the ECbook, parties are legislated by a sound ordinance. In order for each “weekend event” to happen (that’s what they have to be called officially to make the admin happy), we need to fill out a set of paperwork and name three hosts who live at the dorm as well as two musicians who will be playing. This process must be completed by Monday night, so there is usually about a day and half to complete this each week. This process could be so much easier if we had more people that want to host! Being a host is the best way to be involved in our campus nightlife and is incredibly easy. There’s one rule: Don’t Black Out. Pretty easy, all ya gotta do is #KnowYourLimits! #ShamelessPlug. If you or your friends are interested in helping us host events this spring, please reach out to your senator!! And even if you are not an official host, please be a good member of this community, and watch out for our home.

This community is so incredibly unique and special that all of this effort is more than worth it. Those who are doing this now are working to continue the legacy and culture set forth by the upperclassmen when we were here. They were just trying to continue what they had experienced, the same way you guys are going to continue what we have been up to over these past couple years. Don’t believe what you’re told by some, the culture isn’t dying, it’s just changing.

Not only are we in the midst of a changing period of Eckerd policy, we are also in a transitional period in music. We are leaving the era of the band and entering the era of the DJ. It’s going to be a bumpy ride but I trust in the Eckerd community to keep the spirit of the party alive no matter what music is playing. So Eckerd, if I can make one request to you, as you’ve made countless to me, please show up, show out and boogie hard. Because it is the people and the culture that make Eckerd special, not the names of, or type of music playing at, some silly party.

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