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You want passion. You want fire. You want him obsessed, jealous, desperate and wrapped around your finger. You want someone elusive, unique, almost a little dangerous. What you’re looking for is something cinematic – a Ghostface, a Jason, a horror slasher and here’s why. 

You Know Why He’s Not Texting Back (Killing People). Murder is a full time job, baby! This means that you have no reason to worry if it’s been a few hours since your last message, nor is there reason to worry if he turns his Snap Maps off. He’s just trying to cover his tracks. 

He’s Soooo Built, You know what they say – everything’s bigger in Texas. Leatherface might dress as a woman in the penultimate scene, but rest assured, he’s hung like a man. Furthermore, if he’s lifting dead bodies, that means he’s deadlifting around 100-200 pounds. Also, to lift those bodies and run from the cops, he’s got to have stamina. 

Dominant. Submissive slashers probably also exist, but where’s the fun in that? If you’re looking to get freaky this Halloween, this guy’s into knifeplay, crying and making you scream. He’ll throw you around. He’ll tie you up. He’ll give you an unforgettable night – this, I can guarantee. 

The man of your Halloween slasher dreams is out there. But truthfully, the typical New Jersey Italian will fulfill the same traits, with half the trauma and double the drama.

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