Dear Abby,

My roommate is obnoxious! She is loud, doesn’t respect my time (coming in all hours of the night) and is super messy. Besides moving, ugh, what can I do?



Frustrated and annoyed


Dear Frustrated and Annoyed,


The first thing I would do is sit down with your roommate and have a heartfelt discussion with her. The key here is to be honest with her and yourself. You can’t expect honesty back if you’re not honest with yourself. You should be respectful, but don’t hold anything back.

Also, I would recommend including your RA in this discussion. RAs are there to help with any roommate situation because, just like you, they want peace among their residents.

You can also call the Counseling Center at 727-864-8248 or email them at If all of this does not work then you may need to re-evaluate your rooming options. One of Eckerd’s goals is for every student to have the best experience they can while pursuing their education, and taking advantage of these resources is the first step.




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