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Valentine's Day might be overrated to some, but it can be a pleasant reminder to appreciate the people you care for in your life.

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to spreading love, but a lot of people feel indifference toward Valentine’s Day, some going as far as hating it. They ask why a special day for love is needed when it’s a part of life that is already commonly celebrated.

“Like all holidays, it’s a dedicated day to do something you were probably going to do anyway,” first-year Brooke Ostrowski said.

To some, Valentine’s Day has become oversaturated and over-commercialized in the media, straying far from its well-meaning roots. According to the National Retail Federation, spending on Valentine’s day is expected to reach $20.7 billion this year in the United States.

“The fact that we think that we need to go buy our significant other flowers and chocolate and a gift and take them on this grand day of adventure is misplaced, because you can do that anytime with your significant other,” senior Joseph Zeke Student said.

Others think that, despite these commercial expectations, a day designated for love can put thoughts into action.

“It gives me an extra excuse to give my friends candy or do something nice for people I care about,” first-year Olivia Bickett said.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day puts a lot of emphasis on romantic relationships. Many find that they feel left out of the holiday if they don’t have a significant other to share it with. But first-year Alyson Rosemary Dentz and other students argue that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be exclusively about romance.

“People seem to hate this day because they get jealous of those with significant others,” Dentz said. “Instead of being jealous, we should all try to appreciate the day for what it is. If you don’t have a significant other, you can still do acts of kindness for those you love.”

Having a day dedicated to love can be a pleasant reminder to appreciate the people you care for in your life. This Valentine’s Day, be conscious of the love you are given and give some back in return.

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