On Saturday, Nov. 2, sophomore Max Fusco said he took matters into his own hands when non-registered persons were found on-campus. 

When walking around Saturday evening at the Nu complex, Fusco said he and friends saw a large group of young strangers. According to Fusco, he and his friends chased after them hoping to turn them into Campus Safety. 

Fusco said as he managed to turn one trespasser in to Campus Safety by tackling him and holding him down until a nearby Campus Safety officer arrived to help. According to Fusco, he and the Campus Safety officer then brought the trespasser to the front gate.

As Fusco walked back to the Kappa complex, he said he flagged down a car without an Eckerd registration sticker on it. He said the gray Dodge Charger pulled up near him and rolled the window down. Fusco asked if those in the car were Eckerd students, those in the car cursed at him and admitted they were not, he said. 

According to Fusco, then six to eight people got out of the car and made their way toward him. He said he punched one of the people and left the situation knowing that he was outnumbered.

After returning to Kappa, Fusco said he was directed by his friends to police and a Campus Safety officer at Nu.

When Fusco said he told the Police and Campus Safety what had happened and where he saw the trespassers, and they asked them if he was okay and if he wanted to contact EC-ERT.

According to Fusco, he was frustrated that the police and Campus Safety officers did not respond quickly enough. 

“Campus Security and the police should be here to actually help instead of not doing anything,” Fusco said.

The events came after a previous altercation on the evening of Thursday, Oct. 31.

According to an email from Daniel J. Wilcox, assistant director of Campus Safety and Security, on Nov. 1 around 11:00 p.m. there was an altercation between a large group of trespassers and Eckerd students.

After being broken up, the trespassers were seen fleeing toward the Palm Hammocks, and several bicycles were stolen as a result, the email said.

CCTV footage was shared via the email, and if anyone can identify those in the video, they are encouraged by Campus Safety to reach out phone at 727-864-8260, in person at their in Brown Hall or by email at safety@eckerd.edu.

Tips can also be provided anonymously through the Silent Witness Program.

Campus Safety planned to increase the weekend security involving two St. Petersburg Police cars, and still asks that students call with any suspicious activity. 

The St. Petersburg Police Department was contacted on Nov. 6, and has not responded to The Current’s request for comment as of Nov. 8.

Assistant Science Editor

Kylee is a junior majoring in marine science with a minor in journalism. She loves going to the beach and playing with her dog.


The Editor-in-Chief, Elaine is a senior at Eckerd studying environmental studies and Spanish. In her free time she can be found watching movies, gardening and walking local parks and preserves.

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