Sex in the Dark

Poster for Sex in the Dark event happening on October 2nd in Miller. These flyers are placed around common areas on campus.

The lights will be out for Eckerd’s new event ‘Sex in the Dark’ at 8 p.m. on Oct. 2 in the Dan and Mary Miller Auditorium. Sponsored by Eckerd’s office of Outreach Services & Health Promotion and ECOS, it is a free event designed for students to stay anonymous in the dark while sex experts answer student’s sex related questions.

Director of the outreach office Lindsey Barrett and Assistant Director Cory Champer have been working with ECOS President Bailey Cross to bring the event to campus. 

Created to be all inclusive, the lights in the auditorium will only be left on until the audience finds their seats. Free glow bracelets and necklaces will be distributed, but the lights will be turned off to establish an anonymous safespace for those in attendance to ask whatever questions they desire.

“We hope the event will be fun and informative. We hope it is an opportunity for students to ask questions they wouldn't normally feel comfortable asking since it is anonymous,” Barrett said.

“Sex in the Dark" will be led by sex experts Marshall Miller and Dorian Solot and who were in charge of the event "I Heart The Female Orgasm," which took place last year.

According to Barrett, guests should arrive early because Miller has limited seating.

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