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The ECOS office is located in Brown Hall.

Six candidates declared their intent to run for ECOS’s executive council, with no seats being contested except for vice president of student engagement. This is in stark contrast to the 2020-2021 election, where every seat had two candidates except for VP of student engagement and VP of academic affairs. 

The two-week long campaign started at the end of the Declaration of Candidacy meeting on Feb. 28 where Linnea Goodwin, director of elections, went over rules for fair campaigning and candidates submitted their platforms. 

Junior Olivia Hagar is running uncontested for ECOS President. She is currently serving as executive vice president and was the 2019-2020 ECOS chief of staff. The last time the presidency was only sought by one candidate was when Bailey Cross ’20 ran in 2019. 

Vice President of Student Engagement is this year’s competitive seat. Olivia Wicki and Makayla Doran are seeking the position currently held by Erin Bradley. The VP of student engagement’s job is to promote communication between students and ECOS in order to boost engagement. 

Wicki wants to hold bi-weekly events that are COVID-19 safe that students can participate in. She also wants to increase promotion of WECX’s, The Current’s, and ECOS’s webpages. Wicki is the current ECOS recording secretary. 

Makayla Doran is a sophomore and serves on the Student Engagement Committee. Her platform focuses on having more events like Kappa Field Days and open mic nights. She wants these events to be more inclusive to different interests. She also wants to reach out to the local community by hosting fundraisers and blood drives.

Maice Clanton is running for vice president of financial affairs. Ava McLeod is running for vice president of academic affairs. Chloe Marcum is running to be executive vice president. Write-in candidates are not allowed in the election, so these candidates are the presumed winners of their seats. 

According to the Rules for Campaigning, candidates can post posters around campus, but cannot use sidewalk chalk or spend over $50 on their race. Candidates who use libelous or slanderous tactics can be disqualified from the race. Unlike previous elections, candidates can campaign up until the polls close, a rule which was established this year.

There will be a virtual debate amongst the candidates on March 3 at 7:30 p.m. The Zoom link for the debate was sent in the student alias from ECOS Elections. Voting will take place on ECWeb from March 8-12.

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