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Junior Cooper Moss uses the newly refurbished study rooms. The Armacost Library underwent an approximately $40,000 renovation during winter break and winter term.

Armacost Library received several renovations this winter. The approximate $40,000 update to the library included the addition of vibrant and comfortable furniture in four of the study rooms and a complete redesign of the 24-hour computer lab. 

Collection Development and Instruction Librarian Nancy Schuler said during the annual student focus group, the librarians discussed the computer lab. To enhance the idea that it is a 24/7 safe space for students, they removed some computers to provide students with more workspace. The squeaky chairs were updated with more comfortable and newer furniture. ITS fixed the screen in the computer lab and installed a new teaching podium to match ones in all the refurbished classrooms. 

“People can come in with their laptops and their book and set up in there as they would… Hopefully it’s a multi-use space that has better functionality for everybody,” Schuler said.  

Director of Library Services Lisa Johnston proposed the update to the furniture to study rooms 110, 114, 211 and 219. 

Through surveys from the librarians, students noted how disruptive the furniture in the computer lab was. 

“The real reason why I think it happened is because we use student feedback. After the librarians teach sessions we usually have a survey that goes around,” Schuler said. 

The Armacost Library worked with Sweet Sparkman, Eckerd’s architect firm and its interior designer, to collaborate on a design to match the tone of Franklin Templeton’s renovations and the Nielsen Center for Visual Arts. To pay for these renovations, Schuler applied for the Presbyterian mission’s Wolf-Schick Maintenance grant for $20,000. The grant was received in summer 2019 and the money is being allocated. 

The bright colored furniture will soon be complemented by freshly painted walls. The updated study rooms are expected to be painted white over spring break. 

Future ideas for renovations include replacing all the periodicals with electronic copies to allow more space for furniture, HDTVs in the larger study rooms and a new electronic scanner upstairs.

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