Dorm Olympics

Senior Tristin Wakeman and senior Becca Buschhaus spin a wheel at the Eco-Eckerd Dorm Olympics event on April 20. Participants won Eco-Eckerd bags and free vegan food.

The last few weeks of the semester are the busiest and most intense for ECOS members. Events during this time include the Annual Giver’s Banquet, the wrap-up of Dorm Olympics and Kappa Karnival. ECOS members are also starting to transition from their positions this year to their designated positions next year.

ECOS is using a new method this year to help aid the transition from the current Executive Council to next year’s Executive Council. Each person that holds a position in the Executive Council this year has written down everything that they need to know and everything they do to assist their successor.

In order to get a sense for what their tasks are next year, the selected members are taking over the emails, sitting in on meetings and helping with events.

According to junior Bailey Cross, she is handling the transition from executive vice president to president of ECOS very well.

“Marissa has been a great help to me. She made a little document of everything I need to know as president. Just so many things I never would have thought of. She’s been so helpful,” Cross said.

As far as on-campus events ECOS is in charge of, the last Dorm Olympics event is a scavenger hunt that will take place on May 9. The team that finishes first scores the most points for their respective dorm. Points earned during the scavenger hunt will be added to the team’s total score to determine this year’s winner. The winning team will be rewarded with pizza or breakfast and stickers. Off-campus is still in the lead for Dorm Olympics.

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