Caution tape blocks entrance to upstairs Seibert

Students and faculty are not allowed to go upstairs to Seibert. Caution tape blocks the entrance of the stairs during cleaning.

An electrical fire broke out in Seibert 202 Wednesday morning. The exact time of the fire is unknown, according to Director, Campus Safety and Security Tonya Womack. While the cause of the fire was electrical, the exact event or malfunction that triggered the fire is yet to be disclosed. 

Caution tape prevents students from nearing upstairs Seibert. The scent of smoke permeated the entire building. The fire resulted in a damaged computer in Seibert 202, according to Womack, causing the smell of smoke to permeate throughout the entire building. Fans have been placed in some classroom doors. 

According to the email sent out to faculty by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, Suzan Harrison, the incident was resolved quickly, however, relocations of classes and students are being directed to Laura Raymond and the Registrar’s office. The Letters collegium has a stream of smoke filtering in. Harrison said that Seibert will not be able to be used today or tomorrow while cleaning is taking place. Lisa Johnston, the director of the library, has extended study room use for professors and faculty as temporary offices. 

Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Director of the Writing Center, Erika Spohrer, sent an email to students saying that the writing center will be closed the rest of this week, and should re-open on Sunday at 6 PM. 

The St. Petersburg Fire Department could not be reached for comment. 

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