Given the recent concerns of the Outdoor Adventure Club and other clubs who were hoping to have a larger budget than they were allotted, many students feel students feel confused about the process of club budget allocations.

ECOS Vice President of Financial Affairs and sophomore Nick Dalton and his committee listen to a club’s presentation at the allocations meeting and review their accomplishments, use of the current year’s budget, impact on campus, number of members and their budget requests for the upcoming year.

“Pretty much, if you spend all of your money throughout the school, the worst budget you will have for the following year is the same as what you had,” Dalton said. “If clubs did a lot throughout the school year, we want to be able to give them some sort of increase.”

This year, clubs requesting 2000 dollars or more attended the first week of allocations, while clubs requesting that attended the second week. According to Dalton, this was to make it easier for ECOS to allocate their overall club budget by processing the largest budgets first.

Dalton and his committee objectively consider the clubs and decide the budgets they would like to allocate. Typically, this exceeds the funding ECOS has, and the team must re-evaluate.

“Sadly, once we went through all the clubs, we realized we had a 30,000 dollar deficit, so we had to take money away from all of the clubs that got big increases,” Dalton said. “Outdoor Adventure Club happened to be one of them, so we brought them down to 1500 dollars, which is still a 50 percent increase in their budget. Honestly, that was really the best we could do because we still have the other 90 plus clubs that are requesting additional funding as well.”

Once all funding was allocated, Dalton prepared a presentation reflecting the decision-making of his committee and presented it to the ECOS Executive Council and Senate. Both must approve the final budgets before Dalton emails the student body, according to Dalton.

“My committee and I really do the best that we can, and we spend hours trying to be objective about everything to make sure that it’s fair to every club,” Dalton said. “Obviously, we want them to know that we appreciate them, and that’s where the budget increases come in.”

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