ECOS conducted major Constitution updates that will greatly affect students during the 2019-2020 year over the last few months during senate and cabinet meetings.

The Valentine’s Dinner will no longer be organized by the ECOS chief-of-staff. Bailey Cross, ECOS president for the 2019-2020 school year, has created a new position: the director of special events, which will take on organization of this event.

Due to problems during ECOS elections in previous years, the serving director of elections must now inform the ECOS president if they are planning to run for a different board position by the end of fall semester in order to avoid rushing the transition of new students before the elections.

Also, members of ECOS can be a club head of one club and any other student can be a club head of a max of two clubs.

ECOS Senate have been in conversation with current Parliamentarian Will Shedden where they discussed eliminating financial overlap in order to prevent club heads in ECOS positions from using money from their other clubs.

Senior and Vice President of Student Engagement Geoffrey St. John sent out an email on April 15 detailing several updates to the pet life section of the constitution including membership, orderly ownership, committees and procedure. All pets are to be registered and monitored by pet life, and have the bylaws approved by the Senate.

In addition to upcoming changes to the constitution, ECOS implemented a ten dollar reallocation to the student fee. This will be used to pay for a campus organizer to manage on campus clubs.

ECOS has also addressed the turnout for this year’s executive elections which was lower than last year’s with about 330 people voting on ECweb.

“People do focus on the president position and who’s running for that, but not everyone really knows what the rest of the executive council does,” Chief of Staff of ECOS Anna Hoppe said during a Cabinet meeting on April 14.

Other projects that have come to fruition were Spring Ball with a turnout of 750 students and senior and Director of the Environmental Responsibility Committee Jenny Koester ordered two new recycling bins for the sailing cove and Kappa field. Koester also purchased ten green composting bins that are more permanent than the Home Depot buckets that have been used. The composting bins are in the lounges of the dorms.

Other projects still on the horizon include bringing snapchat filters for dorms from first-year Ava Kiss and the EC Feminists will team up with the Women’s Resource Center during the semesterly event Bodies and Bagels to give away 225 menstrual cups.

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