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This photo, taken in Omega, shows a student holding their key. Students have to turn in their key to their resident advisor before they leave for winter break.

Eckerd students are preparing to go home and spend the holidays away from Eckerd as COVID-19 continues to sweep across the nation. Eckerd has updated its check-out and check-in procedures in the hopes that campus will be as safe as possible.

These protocols include students meeting with RA’s one-on-one, and turning in their room keys, as well as checking in when spring semester begins similarly to the check-in at the beginning of fall semester. Students will need to take a COVID-19 test in their own communities on or after Dec. 28, and must provide Eckerd with a negative test before their move-in date in order to return to campus.

Eckerd’s Associate Director of Campus Housing Billy Otto sent an email to students on Nov. 20, discussing their move-in times and detailing the check-out processes. The email also said that campus housing would be available for students who can demonstrate travel hardships.

If a student needs to stay on campus, they will be charged a flat room fee of $500 for housing from Dec. 14 to Jan. 6. Although students with a demonstrated need are able to stay on campus, meal services, the mailroom and the health center will not be open. 

“This is for the health and safety of students and faculty,” Otto said. “If students keep their keys, they are less likely to check-in properly.” 

Sophomore Matthew Larson is grateful for these changes to the process.

“I’m glad they're doing it. It’s a good way to make sure students are safe and also make sure they don’t lose their keys,” Larson said.

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