Eckerd’s chapter of the Public Research Interest Group (PIRG), held an emergency meeting on Wednesday Oct. 16 after the school denied new budget proposals for a liability risk. 

The meeting explained that after four months of negotiation, Eckerd’s risk management team turned down PIRG’s proposal to hire an on-campus organizer and become an official chapter of the national non-profit. 

This organizer would have been paid with money from a recent increase in Eckerd’s student activity fee. Students voted in favor of hiring the organizer and the board of trustees already approved the fee increase. PIRG is now left with $20,000 that they are unable to use for its intended purpose.

“Becoming an official PIRG chapter and having a campus organizer is essential to making sure our chapter can be as effective as possible, and to achieve the goals that are important to Eckerd’s students,” Isabel Muir, the chapter chair, said.

Risk management told PIRG that hiring an organizer is a liability for the school. Members had already chosen Arielle Mizrahi for the position. Now, according to Muir, she is banned from entering Eckerd.

Mizrahi, phoning into the meeting, said that she would not have gotten to where she is now without her own campus organizer at Rutgers University. 

PIRG has distributed statements of support that are available to sign in the library. The forms ask Eckerd to approve Arielle for hire. Muir is currently working with the administration to continue negotiations.

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