The Extinction Rebellion’s first major protest was in April in London, England to raise awareness and political action on climate change. Since then, the group has spread around the world to other major cities. The organization is holding another large protest, which started on Oct. 6, near parliament disrupting traffic to force the government to combat climate change.

London's Extinction Rebellion Group of Protesters Under Giant Octopus
Three strangers who connected while maintaining a large homemade octopus. They said the animal was chosen to represent sea life affected by climate change.

Blazing Rainbow is a part of the protests with the Extinction Rebellion rallies and even flew into London just for them. 

London's Extinction Rebellion Protester

Blazing Rainbow, who got her name from a native american chief, holding a sign. She gave and listened to speeches during the rallies.

After a week of demonstrations and blocking roads in Westminster and other historical and political sites, a public order was given on Monday, Oct. 14 formally banning the protests. 

London's Extinction Rebellion Protesters with Police

A policeman talking to protesters in a tent. Officers were brought to London from around the U.K. in preparation for the rallies.

As of Friday, Oct 18, the Extinction Rebellion has held continued demonstrations in parts of the capital, including Trafalgar Square and Oxford Circus.

London's Extinction Rebellion Group of Protesters

The red costumes stand for all the extinct species, while the green stands for what is alive. "Flight," a sculpture by David Breuer-Weil is shown in the middle.

During the first few days of the rallies, signs and chants echoed the three demands of the group: for the government to tell the truth by declaring a climate emergency, act now to reduce carbon emissions and create a Citizen’s Assembly to lead parliament on ecological issues.

London's Extinction Rebellion Protesters
Demonstrators reacting after a policeman leaves. This is near Westminster Abbey and the Department Of Business, Energy and Industrial strategy.

Many protesters brought tents to stay overnight while chefs made stands and cooked free food for everyone and musicians livened the crowd.

London's Extinction Rebellion Family

A couple kissing while their child embraces the father. Many children, families and dogs attended the rallies.

Blazing Rainbow also detailed changes in daily life that can help the environment, like eating as local as possible, buying only clothes that are needed and wearing a heavy coat indoors instead of using heating during the winter when possible. 

London's Extinction Rebellion Children

A child playing the drums with a man. The mother, behind the child, was excited when she saw the man, and brought her child over immediately.

“Much of what we are doing is teaching people to love and respect themselves,” Blazing Rainbow said. “Because you can’t love and respect others and the planet, you don’t feel the same about yourself.”

London's Extinction Rebellion

The view from outside the octopus the women were in. The Canadian Embassy is in the background.

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