Trigg Hurley DJ at Flamingo Resort

Senior Trigg Hurley gets students dancing during College Night.

Flamingo Resort has been a popular spot for Eckerd students on select Thursday nights, and senior music major Trigg Hurley has been its DJ for almost four years. With its DJ graduating soon, the off-campus event will need others to step up.

“I hope college night keeps going and will make sure someone will DJ it,” Hurley said.

According to Hurley, College Night at Flamingo’s returned because his friend who bartends at Flamingo’s suggested that he could DJ the event.

While he enjoyed being a club DJ, it’s not what he wants to do after graduation. Instead, Hurley hopes to further his education at Berkeley College of Music in Valencia, Spain to study abroad.

With him gone, future underclassmen DJs may be able to split up sets, as the full time slot is four hours. But it seems like Hurley’s music will be missed.

“I feel like Trigg always knows how to cater to the crowd he is playing for,” senior Anastasia Babicki said. “He knows what to play and why to play it.”

Students notice a difference be- tween the music played at Flamingos and the music played by the student DJs of school-sponsored parties.

According to Babicki, the music played at the Flamingos club tends to be less dubstep and more upbeat, fitting for a club setting.

“I love the music because it makes me dance, it’s fun and I know most of it,” Babicki said.

People will often request songs, including rap, hip hop and 2000s hits. Hurley explained that it is important to play music people know, and so he takes the requests into consideration when deciding what to play.

“It’s a pretty good job... to play music and make money doing it,” Hurley said.

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