Eckerd Review Cover 2021

This is the cover of the 2021 Eckerd Review. The artwork is title "Moonsmoke."

As Spring semester comes to an end, students looked forward to the release of The Eckerd Review, the college’s literary and arts journal. Students, faculty and alumni submissions compiled in the 2021 issue of the Eckerd Review, released on May 10.

Eckerd’s very own literary journal assembles fiction, nonfiction, poetry, hybrid (experimental), critical and visual art pieces from the community. Annual issues are published towards the end of every Spring semester. 

Click here to read the 2021 issue of the Eckerd Review.


Publishing in a Pandemic 


Composing a magazine is no easy feat, especially when a pandemic rages on. The inability to meet in person forced the Eckerd Review staff to manage everything virtually.

“The pandemic has definitely been a learning experience,” Instructor of Creative Writing Gloria Muñoz, faculty adviser for the Eckerd Review, said. “In a typical year, we would have field trips to the Miami book fair, different book festivals and more dinners off-campus together. We had to shift everything on-campus and figure out how to make this work in a virtual space.” 

One of the students in charge of putting the publication together is Karly Page, co-editor in chief.

“Normally, during the spring semester, we would’ve met twenty times already. We haven’t met in-person at all this entire school year,” Page said. “All our meetings are on zoom, which really isn’t that bad. But I miss the pizza.”

Not only have the regular meetings been lacking pizza, but there have also been a significant decrease in submissions. Page attributes the decrease in submissions to the difficulty in spreading the world online. 

“Even though this year’s issue is shorter, it is still really good. We’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished,” Page said. 


Writing Right


The Eckerd Review prides itself as a platform for students to freely express their creative sides, providing them with the opportunity to publish their works of art in a magazine. 

“As a liberal arts campus, the Eckerd Review fosters the ideals of collaboration, creative work, and ingenuity,” Muñoz said. “All the submissions are thought-provoking, dealing with big questions, and they are socially engaging.”

Anyone interested can submit their art and get published. Artists from all majors, including anthropology and marine science, have participated in the literary magazine before. 

“The Eckerd Review has a communal sense to it, not just when we’re working on it, but talking back and forth with the artists and editors,” senior Haley Papa, co-editor in chief, said. 

“Anyone, even if you graduated 50 years ago, can submit to the Eckerd Review,” Page said. As long as some form of connection to Eckerd exists, whether it be faculty, current students, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) members, Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College (ASPEC) members or alumni, everyone is eligible to participate. 


Pretty Page


By the beginning of May, the Eckerd Review celebrated another issue of their literary magazine, a culmination of a year’s worth of hard work and artistry. 

“Seeing the publication come to life, to come out even if not in the hard copy [format] we’re used to [is the most rewarding],” Papa said. “But even since the beginning, the idea that we were starting, I mean, we knew it was a lot of work but we also knew how rewarding it would be.”

Last year, the Eckerd Review was unable to distribute hard copies of their issue. Students can find the 2020 issue on the Eckerd Review’s website. 

“The best part of it all is sending it to the printer. Being like, OK, it’s out of our hands now. Feeling the excitement of getting the shipment of the hard copy is extremely rewarding,” Page said. 

This year, however, the 2020 and 2021 issues of the Eckerd Review were in the Cobb Gallery during the week of May 10.

“I hope readers are inspired and able to engage with a broad range of voices,”  Muñoz said.  “The issue has work from faculty, staff, alumni, and a member of OLLI in their early 80s. I hope the Eckerd Review shows how broad and different the Eckerd community is.”


Blank Canvas


As we wave off seniors this summer, positions on the Eckerd Review will be open. 

“We’re pretty small, we could always use more help and more eyes,” Page said. 

Catch their stand at the Club Fair this fall or email to find out more. Students interested in internships can email Muñoz to be registered for a year-long commitment woven around the student’s schedule. Any artist can submit for the next issue of the Eckerd Review early next semester.

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