top 10 halloween movies

Clockwise from the furthest left: The shining (1980), The Bay (2012), Halloween (1978), and Scream (1996).

As Halloween approaches, everyone needs some scary movies to make sure that night is the best it can be. The following ten movies will fit perfectly for anyone looking for something scary, something funny, or something super weird. Here are the ten essential Halloween movies:

10.  The Bay (2012)

The only movie to actually make me scramble up my seat in sheer terror, this biological gross-out thriller is based on real events about a deadly water contamination in Maryland. Given Eckerd’s relationship with toxic waters and waterside living, a film as realistic and terrifying as The Bay is a surefire way to get people both squealing like chipmunks and fighting for clean water. -Conall Rubin-Thomas, Staff Writer 

9. It Follows (2014)

A movie that nails the unnerving and creepy vibe. Cheap jump-scares are not the driving force of horror, its the constant threat of the monster walking into any scene. For tin foil hat theorist, there is enough mystery to produce multiple internet theories and analysis, from a naked man on the protagonist's roof to what the monster is always wearing. Every line, prop and plot point is used to create a nightmare-like state, so it is worth a few rewatches. -Nick Danlag, Break News Editor

8.  Halloween (1978)

Yes, the legendary classic that set the standard for horror films since is unsurprisingly an excellent movie. It’s filled with moments of sheer tension that rival movies that come out today. Michael Myers is the definition of an untamed force of evil that nobody truly understands. Plus, with the release of ‘Halloween’ (2018) this year, it could benefit to give this one a first or second look.

7. The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

This is a love letter to the horror genre. It’s also a critique of the genre. And a parody. And a satire. A comedy. Weirdly enough, it’s even a tragedy. This movie covers lots of ground, but it all works. Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon took every trope in the horror book and shoved it into the lives of five actual, real people, twisting their characters in a way that would make anyone groan if the movie wasn’t so aware that it is a movie. It knows everything you have to say about it before you even say it, and all the meta, post-modern, horror-laden glory of it explodes in the third act, a glorious, twenty-minute long exercise in excess that is only possible because of the long, storied history it ultimately destroys. -Javier Rosario, Managing Editor 

6. The Shining (1980)

Yet another classic. An ordinary guy (Jack Nicholson) slowly becomes a deranged killer and starts going after his own family, giving it a psychological element not often seen in horror movies. I remember the first time I saw ‘The Shining’ and just being utterly mortified by the paranioia and claustrophobia of the movie. As I watched poor old Jack Torrance descend into madness, I began to realize that this movie may be about more than just a crazy man. It’s more about the dangers of isolation. Or mental deterioration. Or alcoholism. It can be about so many things, and so many people have tried to interpret it. If you’re looking for a deep, yet still terrifying horror movie, give this one a try.

5.  Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Megan Fox kills, both figuratively and literally, as the eponymous Jennifer in this delightfully twisted horror-comedy. When Jennifer Check, varsity cheerleader and school ‘it’ girl, becomes possessed by a demon with a ravenous appetite for human flesh, it’s up to her quiet, nerdy best friend Needy (Amanda Seyfried) to figure out how to stop her before she kills every boy in their sleepy town. In addition to its bizarre and thrilling plot line, outstanding acting, and some truly great special effects, the film’s painful late-2000s dialogue – not to mention a soundtrack featuring all your pop punk favorites – will have you relishing in a wave of middle school nostalgia. Overall, Jennifer’s Body is a tremendous amount of fun. -Eleanor Marsh, Culture Editor

4. V/H/S 1 and 2 (2012-2013)

Maybe it’s cheating to group these two together, but considering they are both anthology films with many different shorter films within them, I think it’s fine. Think “Black Mirror,” but if every episode was 15 minutes long and in found footage form. Oh, and also extremely terrifying. I remember seeing this with my roommate and hearing him squeal like a small child. There may be a few of the shorts that don’t completely land or are kind of boring, but they are few and far between. Keep an eye out for the first short in ‘V/H/S’ and the third one in ‘V/H/S 2.’

3. Get Out (2017)

Ever since I was a kid, I never thought anything could be more terrifying than spiders. That is, until I saw ‘Get Out’ and saw that racism is just a little worse. Okay, maybe a lot worse. Imagine if you got the opportunity to visit your girlfriend’s parents only to discover that they are psychopaths who intend on using you for some crazy experiments. That sounds to me like real terror. From the mind of comedian Jordan Peele, this one will have you second guessing that tea you seem to love to drink so much. Slowly.

2. The Invitation (2015)

This female-directed 2015 sleeper hit, which you can find on Netflix, combines paranoia and a cult mentality. A group of friends reunite and realize that some of them have started following a cult that has a bizarre belief system. Whether or not the cult is dangerous, or just misunderstood, pulls the characters throughout this slowburn horror film. It hits a little too close to home in an America that is constantly split on every subject, political or otherwise. - Brianna Spieldenner, Editor-in-Chief 

1.  Scream (1996)

‘Scream’ is most certainly one of the best scary movies. Hands down, I feel like no other movie comes close to riffing on such a tried and true genre while still giving it the utmost respect. This movie is also hilarious, with characters even going as far as to cite “rules” in order for them to survive the mass killings occurring near them in relation to other scary movies. Great performances, a witty script, and a dark sense of humor make this one a perfect movie to put on if you want a thrilling great time.

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