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Students for Life is the new pro-life club on campus. The president is Katrina McInnis

As of early September, Eckerd College now has an all new pro-life club, dedicated to being a gateway for like-minded students to get further involved in the movement for Life. The club is called Students for Life at Eckerd College.

Students for Life will have many opportunities for like-minded students, as well as others with opposing viewpoints, to participate in upcoming events such as door-knocking events, movie screenings on the subject matter and the local St. Petersburg March for Life. Many of these events and discussions will be primarily focused on the positions of the candidates for the upcoming election on Nov. 3.

“I think the main purpose of our club is to create a conversation that's never really been at Eckerd. A lot of people don't think about what abortion is and what being pro-life actually means until someone is standing on their doorstep wanting to talk about it,” Xiara Leon, vice president of the club, said.

Junior and President of the club, Katrina McInnis, believes that this club could be a good way for pro-life students at Eckerd to get involved in their cause.

“This club is open to everybody: people who support the pro-life movement, people seeking information and people who disagree but want to have a conversation,” McInnis said. “Before I was pro life, I just kind of accepted abortion as part of culture and like it just is what it was I didn't really think about it much, and it took just a simple [conversation with] somebody that was pro-life that got me thinking.”

Much of what the club is about seems to be unknown to many students.

“We have a saying in the pro-life movement that we don't want to just make abortion illegal, but unthinkable. That happens through things such as conversation and education,” McInnis said. 

While the events are a major part of the club, the main goal aside from supporting the pro-life movement is to allow any students with questions on the subject matter to feel free to have those conversations in a respectful and cordial manner.

If anyone is interested in joining the club, all they have to do is contact either McInnis or Leon via email or they can follow or DM them @studentsforlifeec on Instagram.

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