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A late event at The Ale and the Witch. This bar is the fourth on this list.

We get it, we do. Picking a bar in St. Pete can be a daunting task, especially with Yard of Ale being such a tempting offer. That’s why we’re here-we’ve assembled the best 10 bars in the area for those ready and willing to have a good time. So, get your reading glasses and Google Maps, these places might be your new watering holes.

1. Cycle Brewing

With 16 beers on tap, seven in cans and 16 bottles, Cycle Brewing has no shortage of ideas to kill your thirst. A bar and brewing company with a cheeky bicycle theme, outdoor seating and a window area, Cycle Brewing is a perfect example of St. Petersburg personality, inviting all over 21 to hop off their bike and hop onto a bar stool. 

2. No Vacancy

It is called No Vacancy, but you might want to stay all night long. This neon-colored, hotel theme of a bar and restaurant is on Central Avenue in the Edge District of Downtown St. Petersburg. With snacks to sandwiches and cocktails and coffee to punch bowls to serve four or more people, No Vacancy has something for everyone. And for the lucky ducklings that can wake up for it, this sinner’s paradise serves brunch with bottomless mimosas. 

3. Park and Rec

Are you someone who liked to play with your food as a kid? Well, this place can’t help you with that, but you can play while you drink. With a nice Astroturf front lawn, Park and Rec gives you the only games you can handle when you drink: oversized ones. From giant Connect Four to beer pong with garbage cans and soccer balls, it’s one of the most fun spots around downtown.

4. Ale and the Witch

A beer enthusiast’s heaven, Ale and the Witch has more beers on one board than there are days in a month. This spot is truly for the locals, being tucked downtown around the corner from the Sundial, its warm, inviting atmosphere can draw you in for hours. Not to mention the chance that if you’re lucky you just might see some live musicians come through to hang out for a while. There’s no reason not to like this bar, especially if you’re someone who likes to avoid the hubbub of downtown proper.

5. Ruby’s Elixir 

Opened in 1997 as Central Cigars and growing ever since, Ruby’s Elixir has become a premier spot in downtown for live music. With warm lighting and good cocktails, the inviting spot feels best when you plop into a chair and space out to the tunes. It’s also just a hop, skip and a jump away from some of the more upbeat bars on Central Avenue, making it a good place to start or end your night.

6. Green Bench

Just around the corner from No Vacancy sits a very well-hidden gem in Green Bench Brewing Co. Specializing in craft IPAs, the brewery has a collection of beautifully made beer with a number of different delicious ingredients. In addition to brewing and laboratories on site, Green Bench also has specially made mead from Florida orange blossom honey, just to sweeten the pot. 

7. One Night Stand

In the mood for some old-school Kenny Chesney? Looking to line dance to Luke Bryan? Or just want to listen to some country hits? Visit One Night Stand, the most notable bar on 1st Avenue North, a hoedown honky tonk establishment fully equipped with a mechanical bull. 

8. Five Bucks Drinkery

Not looking to spend your whole paycheck downtown? Check out Five Bucks Drinkery originally established in 2010, this eclectic restaurant and bar advertises buckets of $5 beer and relatively inexpensive food. The homey space invites customers to sit back, relax and chat with friends. 

9. The Estate 

If you are someone who wants to dance to all the pop, rap and EDM hits of today, The Estate is for you. Open from 10 p.m. until 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights, The Estate is the place to party. Lasers, strobe lights and visuals pair well with the designated DJ for surreal St. Petersburg vibes. 

10. 260 First

The nightlife scene wouldn’t be complete without a balcony overview of the city. 260 First is a second-story venue with an indoor dance area and VIP sections. DJs mix music with backing music videos. If the room gets too stuffy or you want to step into the air, 260 has three balconies that look out over 1st Avenue North.

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