Writer's Room Zachary Brown

Zachary Brown writes on his balcony in Omega. He is the vice president of The Writer's Room.

Part of the Eckerd creative writing experience is workshopping poems, short stories and other works in class. A group of students have organized to take workshops outside of class hours, welcomed students outside the major and revamped The Writer’s Room. This club meets weekly on Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

This club strives to build community, help aspiring writers to develop their work and hone their skill.

“Our main priority is creating a community on campus for writers to come and share their work and get feedback,” Club President Olivia Jacobson said.

Jacobson is a senior creative writing major and helped restart this club in 2018 with help from Jon Chopan, associate professor of creative writing. 

“Being around young people who are inspired by art always keeps me plugged in and excited,” Chopan said. “This group of students are really dedicated leaders and are committed to their own community.”

Participants submit their work a week before The Writer’s Room meetings, then club members edit and prepare for the workshop. The meeting begins with a discussion about what they all appreciated and enjoyed about the writing then moving to what the work can improve on.

According to Jacobson, to ensure that the writers listen to feedback instead of defending their work, they are not allowed to speak until the end. Then the writer can ask clarifying questions.

Senior Emma Streberger, biology and environmental studies major, is the Writer’s Room website designer. Streberger said she discovered her passion for writing with the help of The Writer’s Room and her friends involved in it. 

“Writing, just as much as reading, is important to becoming a more empathetic person,” Streberger said. 

Streberger and Jacobson also said writing intersects with every field and major.

“Take the jump, don’t be afraid,” Jacobson said. “It may be intimidating to go to a meeting, especially if you don’t know anyone … but we're all friendly. We are all here to help each other with our writing.”

Email them at thewritersroom@eckerd.edu and visit their website at https://thewritersroomec.weebly.com/ for more information.

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