Smoothies can be a very nutritious and delicious drink for anyone. For many students, getting a fruit smoothie from Triton’s Pub is a daily habit. Many times before a workout or after class, students will head to the pub to grab a mango and strawberry smoothie to get a little boost of energy.

Smoothies seem to be the most popular drink at the pub, averaging around 150 per day, according to Director of Retail for Bon Appétit Dawn Patterson. However, many people do not realize fruit contains a high amount of sugar. Although this sugar is fructose, a healthy sugar, excessive amounts of it may not be the best for one’s health. Additionally, the smoothies at the pub contain pineapple juice and honey upon request. This more than doubles the amount of sugar compared to if it was just the frozen fruit and ice in the smoothie.

The most popular fruits that people get in their smoothies are berries. Little nutritional information is provided about the fruit at the pub. Peaches seem to have the lowest amount of sugar, with nine grams per smoothie. Mangoes seem to have the highest sugar content, averaging around 22 grams in a smoothie while blueberries average around 13 grams of sugar in each smoothie.

Now we have to factor in the pineapple juice in every smoothie. Additionally, if one gets honey in their smoothie, one has to take a look into the sugar content of the honey as well. Concerning pineapple juice, there’s about 60 calories in the four ounces contained in each smoothie and 13 grams of sugar. Finally, four ounces of honey is added, which averages around 60 calories and 16 grams of sugar.

A typical mango smoothie, according to these numbers, averages around 51 grams of sugar. According to the American Heart Association, adults should be receiving no more than 25 grams of sugar in a day. That is twice as much sugar a person should have for that day.

Sophomore Kendra Heiser was shocked to hear this information. “That makes me a little worried what health values the rest of the food has.”

Knowing this new information, one should think twice before adding the extra sugars to their smoothie. Smoothies are good in moderation, but make sure a well-balanced diet and a healthy workout plan are stirred in with the smoothie.


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