According to a recent study done by the Department of Nutrition in Copenhagen, Denmark and the Unit for Nutrition Research at the Central Kitchen in Herlev, Denmark, a five percent increase of protein content in one’s diet, known as the Diogene diet, can significantly help with weight loss.

The individuals in the study, all of which were obese, increased protein intake and reduced their carbohydrate intake.

When compared with other groups who had a different protein amount intake, the Diogene diet group lost more weight on average, 25 pounds in eight weeks.

Additionally, this group showed a decrease in body fat percentage, improvement in blood pressure, decrease of blood fats and decrease of inflammation.

When examined a year later, 67 percent of the individuals in the Diogene group had kept off the weight lost, as well as kept the healthy blood pressure.

Although there was a direct correlation with the individuals who were in the Diogene group and greatest weight loss, it is important to keep in mind that correlation does not imply causation.

This study was only done with obese individuals, so more studies should be done with a wider range of participants.

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