Powerlifting Club holds mock meet, plans for future

courtesy of the Powerlifting Club The Powerlifting club plans to expand next school year.

On April 24 at 6 p.m. there was a Powerlifting mock meet in the Gamble Weight Room by the pool.

This event was held by the Powerlifting Club and was the club’s third mock meet.

“We are expecting anywhere around 25 and 30 people,” Sophomore Alexander Holderness said before the event.

The first meet held by the club, last spring, attracted eight athletes, and the second meet, last semester, brought in 20.

The competition consisted of three different movements: bench press, deadlift and squat.

Each competitor had three attempts at each movement.

The highest amount lifted for all three exercises were added together and the competitor with the highest Wilks Coefficient, which is an algorithm that takes into account a contestant’s weight and movement sum, was the winner.

There were prizes for the first, second and third place winners for male and female athletes.

The first place winners won gift cards to health store GNC and other winners received protein bars, according to Powerlifting President and Senior Peter Chindavong.

For the men’s competition, Senior Seth Malhotra won first prize, Junior Jeremy Brown won second and Senior Mark Scafidi won third.

For the women’s competition, Sophomore Sam Schepps won first, Senior Michelle Baldwin won second place and Freshman Hannah Hamontree won third.

In the past, the club’s mock meets have run pretty smoothly, but the leadership is starting to master the process.

“We plan to make it go a little faster,” Holderness said before the mock meet. “But it is the exact same process as in the past.”

In addition to updating the process for mock meets, the club will also be seeing changes in its leadership.

Chindavong will be graduating in May and Holderness will be taking his place as president.

“I plan to expand the club, get more members involved, taking more students to our off-campus meets throughout the state of Florida and hopefully get a higher attendance rate for our local mock meets,” Holderness said.

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