Pick your pleasure: liquor, wine or beer?

photo by Peter Bouveron The wine vs. beer debate has strong opinions on both sides.

There are three types of alcohol: wine, beer and liquor. Many adults of legal drinking age drink a glass of red or white wine before going to sleep, which leads people to believe that wine might not only be less harmful to one’s health, but even beneficial in overall healthiness.

This is true, according to a study done by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts, in that individuals who consumed one glass of wine every day were less likely to have cardiovascular health issues in the future.

However it was also concluded that overconsumption or binge drinking wine is not any less harmful to one’s health than binge drinking beer or liquor. If wine is your choice of alcoholic beverage, it should be consumed in moderation over time. Many students believe wine contains more sugar compared to liquor or beer, but this is not the case. The sugar from the grapes in wine is converted into alcohol. According to Fox News Magazine, one glass of wine has 100 calories.

Beer is a popular beverage for Eckerd students due to its cheap cost when comparing the three types of alcohol.

However, calorie count for beer can be high when looking at how much a student will be drinking. One can of beer has 150 calories on average according to Fox News Magazine. This might not seem like a large number, but most students will drink a greater quantity of beer as compared to liquor or mixed drinks.

Whereas one student may only consume two or three mixed drinks, another might drink four or five beers. In reference to the amount of calories in each drink as stated earlier, this would mean that the person drinking beer will be consuming more calories than a student drinking liquor.

For liquor and mixed drinks, most students do not have to consume a large amount of alcohol to reach a certain level of intoxication due to the higher concentration of alcohol in liquor. Liquor and mixed drinks contain on average 150 to 200 calories, according to Fox News Magazine.

There is also the problem, however, that when drinking liquor or mixed drinks, many students lose track quickly of how much they are drinking and get sick from alcohol poisoning.

When deciding which type of alcohol is the best, one must also look at how much they will be drinking. Concerning calorie count, it is up to the consumer to decide how many drinks one will actually have. This might be beneficial in encouraging students to count how many drinks and limit themselves so as not to drink too much.

It is important to keep in mind what one’s limits are. Wine might be the best option if a student is concerned with how many calories they are consuming when they choose to drink.

Sophomore Karen Caycho was a little shocked to hear the caloric intake with the different types of alcohol.

“It’s crazy to think that mixed drinks have more calories than a glass of wine considering serving size. A shot doesn’t seem as big as a glass of wine,” she said.

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