The “Big Eight” in the allergy world are wheat, soy, milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts. Creating fun, healthy meals that both avoid those top eight allergens (or at least most) and can be made in a flash is one of the best challenges I take on. Recipes like this one exemplify how an altered or restricted diet does not have to be about replacing or recreating. It is about new and unique opportunity. So instead of focusing on finding the perfect gluten free and vegan wrap, adapt and create with what naturally works. Here, nori (dried seaweed) wraps are used as the container. Nori has an intimidating reputation of being very fragile and hard to work with but, if laid flat and wrapped horizontally or like a cone and rolled tightly, it can be sealed with a few dabs of water and hold its shape. Using nori also has an incredible range of health benefits that processed bread alternatives cannot offer. Many, including Dr. Oz, report one sheet of nori has the same levels of Omega-3 fatty acids as two whole avocados and is an anti-inflammatory helping with smooth digestion and skin health.

Filling the wraps is entirely personal, and these are a somewhat classic version of a spring roll. The combination of a protein, hard vegetable, soft vegetable and fresh herbs is a good format to follow when creating your own variations.



2 sheets of nori paper

Shredded carrots

Shredded cucumber

1 avocado, thinly sliced

2 green onion stalks

Cooked and seasoned rice noodles or 2

seasoned tofu filets (my go-to is red pepper flakes, garlic powder, sea salt and pepper)

Fresh basil and cilantro

Gluten free, low sodium soy sauce or

coconut aminos for dipping

Small bowl of water for sealing the wraps



  1. Lay one nori sheet on a clean flat surface, no need to heat up as most packages explain.
  2. On vertical end of the sheet lay the noodles or tofu filet with the avocado on top. Place the vegetables and herbs next.
  3. Begin to wrap the sheet by gently folding the noodles/tofu over the herbs, making a tight roll. Continue the roll until the entire sheet is used.
  4. Seal the sheet by spreading a dab of water on the end of the sheet, like an envelope, and press it down.
  5. Serve with the dipping sauce of choice.


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