Meals with Midge: Clean Sports Drink

photo by MJ Harford This recipe can be prepared with local, fresh produce.

Sports drinks are notoriously over-consumed. They were created for the purpose of refueling high performing athletes post-performance with necessary carbohydrates, electrolytes and water. They are also specifically targeted for athletes performing in areas of high heat and humidity, hence the classic “Gatorade” created for Florida’s very own Gators football team. Today sports drinks are advertised as healthy alternatives to sodas and appropriate for children — no physical activity involved. The featuring of high nutrition content, promotion of physical activity and mental benefits of exercise associated with the idea of sports drinks contribute to this misconception that these beverages are appropriate outside of the high energy exertion area they are meant for.

Even if exercising rigorously in the Florida sun, reaching for a Gatorade or Powerade will, as the label details, carry multiple varieties of fructose syrups, dyes and high calories along with the intended beneficial ingredients. Making an at-home version will bring all the necessary calories, electrolytes and carbohydrates that the body needs. The version listed below includes all the basic components of a refuel drink; if it’s an especially hot day or a strenuous workout, adding mineral drops can add an extra restorative boost. The kind of herb used can change depending on what ou would like to adjust; like mint for energy and cleansing, or basil for the immune system and hormonal balance.




8 oz filtered water or coconut water (unsweetened)

1 tablespoon raw honey

1/4teaspoon sea salt

2 tablespoons lemon juice (or any other citrus)

1 tablespoon crushed mint leaves (or other herbs)



Combine all ingredients in a glass and whisk or stir well to combine.


Each issue I’ll be sharing an allergen-friendly recipe that is easy, nutritious and delicious. If you make one, tag me in your Instagram photos (@midgesmoments) with the hashtag #mealswithmidge. If you have any requests, like converting a classic recipe to its healthier version, or a particular kind of meal for a particular allergy, email me at


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