On Wednesday, Oct. 2, Eckerd's Center for Spiritual Life held their annual Pet Blessing Ceremony to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.  Father Stephan Brown, Douglas McMahon Jr. and Rabbi Ed Rosenthal all attended to bless the pets of Eckerd.  Students brought pets of all shapes and sizes including dogs and cats to snakes and lizards.  

Each of the members of Eckerd’s Center for Spiritual Life all had different ways of blessing the animals during the celebration.  Father Stephan Brown sprinkled the pets with holy water, said a prayer and then tied a St. Francis charm on to each of them.  Meanwhile, Douglas McMahon Jr. and Rabbi Ed Rosenthal simply said a prayer for the animals while petting them and showing them love.

Tegan Williams, sophomore, brought her ten month old hedgehog Sammon with her to the 2019 Pet Blessing to get him blessed and socialized with other animals.  She commented on how she thought the event was a lot of fun and was happy to see all of the pets being so friendly to each other.  

“[Samson] is really proud of himself and my mom asked for pictures of him getting blessed and she framed and hung up the pictures of him in the living room” Williams said.  

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Celina is a junior majoring in marine science with minors in journalism, Spanish and chemistry. She is an avid turtle lover, her favorite pastime being helping turtles cross the road and making sure they have a safe place to nest.

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