Club Fair Preview

Freshman grassroots coordinator Chloe McKenna raising awareness of their reduce single-use campaign outside the cafe Sept. 12 with the PRIG club. This is just one of the many campaigns the PRIG club runs.  

The fall 2019 Club Fair is this Friday Sept. 20 from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. at the GO Pavillion. The Club Fair is an annual event hosted by ECOS and Campus Activities to introduce students to the many clubs on campus. Students that attend will get a chance to talk to club members about the goals of their clubs and any events they do regularly.

While there will be many clubs on campus, below are just a few of the clubs that will have a table for the club fair. 

The Sallie House club is a service-based club. Sallie House is an in between house for foster children that is run by the Salvation Army. Sallie House Club offers students the opportunity to get Reflective Service-Learning hours. To ensure that the foster children are surrounded by positive influences any prospective member of the club will have to apply. 

“Our goal is to provide a consistent, safe and engaging environment for the kids at Sallie House,” Clelia Tufts, senior and co-president said. 

The Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) is a nonpartisan and nonprofit group. This group has several ongoing projects like their new voters, hunger and homelessness reduce single-use plastics and affordable textbooks programs. 

“We’re here on campus trying to get college students to use their voice in important issues that we face today in our government,” Chloe Mckenna, a first-year grassroots coordinator, said.

Scubi Jew is a marine conservation group that dives with a purpose. This club is an event based group that does beach clean-ups and monthly dives against debris. Scubi Jew provides students with the opportunity to go diving and clean up some of the marine debris in the local area. 

“We’re all about doing things with a purpose,” Melissa Pielet, senior and president of the Scubi Jew club, said.

The American Chemical Society (ACS)’s main goal is to further the education and careers of chemists, biochemist and anyone who wants to get involved with the club. The club has several fun demonstrations planned throughout the year, including elephant toothpaste and screaming gummies which will be done at the club fair. 

“We like to encourage everyone to take an interest in chemistry, because it's the central science,” Lauren McDonald, junior and president of the ACS club, said.

The Garden Club strives to create a space for students to learn about growing their own food and to simply gather and be with nature. The club also does workshops to teach people about gardening and composting. Other events include the end of the semester potluck and live performances from bands at the garden. Students can also get reflective service-learning hours by working in the garden. 

“The garden just this kind of like holistic plant, garden, haven where people can feel like they’re away from like Eckerd, but still in Eckerd. Kind of like a little Eden,” senior and co-head of the club Sebastian Munevar, said. 

Any questions regarding club fair can be directed to Aurora Mazza, ECOS Vice President.

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