Farewell Fest

Nic Blas and Emmet Scales with a piece that will be part of the art installation at Farewell Fest. The festival will showcase works by Blas and Scales as well as several other student artists. 

Seniors Emmet Scales and Nic Blas have found an exciting way to present their senior thesis: a student-run music festival on Eckerd’s campus.

Interdisciplinary arts can be a challenging majors sometimes as students struggle with how best to synthesize their backgrounds in various forms of media, and finding the optimal venue for displaying their work.

“We found that displaying work in a gallery just wasn’t weird or inventive enough to truly be in line with the themes of the Interdisciplinary Arts major,” Scales said. “Based on our backgrounds in music, visual arts, graphic design and Nic’s marketing major, we knew almost immediately that a festival would be the perfect format for our combined thesis.”

The event, which they’ve called Farewell Fest, will take place March 29 at the GO Pavilion. It will feature an extensive lineup of student and alumni DJs and bands.

“Putting together a lineup was very difficult, because there are so many talented musicians on campus,” Scales said.

It was important to Scales and Blas to prioritize the inclusion of female DJs and artists when creating the festival’s lineup. The call for female DJs in the Eckerd community has grown steadily stronger in the past several years, and Scales and Blas made sure to answer it.

“Having a diverse lineup both musically and demographically was something that we kept in mind strongly throughout the process,” Scales said. “The lineup was meticulously crafted to be diverse in terms of genre, while also feeling cohesive with the themes of the festival and the artwork.”

As of now, several female performers have been added to the festival’s lineup, including The Cougarfunk Trio, which includes Liat Paradise and female DJ duo Megz B2B Madz. Scales and Blas hinted that there may be other female special guests.

In addition to the musical aspect of the festival, Scales and Blas are including an outdoor art gallery, interactive art installations and a vendor area, for which seven student artists have signed up already.

“We hope that the inclusion of vendors will create more of a festival sense as opposed to a concert or traditional dorm party,” Scales said. “The vendor setup is also designed to create a platform for students to gain exposure for their artwork.”

Between now and the festival, Scales and Blas will continue to post updates on their Facebook and Instagram accounts (facebook.com/farewellfest and @farewellfest, respectively) as well as their website, farewellfest.com. They will sponsor several merchandise giveaways in the upcoming weeks, which all Eckerd students are eligible to participate in.

“We hope that this event will ignite a sense of community, artistic expression and inclusivity that is present at many arts and music festivals across the country,” Scales said. “We seek to create a unique experience that will be the first of its kind at Eckerd College.”

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