In order to publish their literary magazine online, the Eckerd Review had to adjust to working remotely. Through the efforts of students and faculty, The Review will be posted to Eckerd’s website after the virtual release party on May 4 at 6 p.m.

The magazine is student-run and this year is led by senior Katy Williams and sophomore Karly Page. Every school year, students gather submissions, including visual art, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, critical essays and hybrid writing. Then they vote on which ones to accept and publish the best, but this year the club has to host the release party online instead of on-campus. 

This change was caused by dorms closing and classes moving online due to COVID-19.

“Everyone’s schedules are all out of whack, and it's hard to stay hopeful about anything at all right now, but we’re pulling through, and we’ve almost made it, and I know it’s all going to be worth it,” Co-Editor-in-Chief Karly Page said.

The online transition includes group editing zoom meetings, InDesign formatting and help from Eckerd IT. Normally, the Eckerd Review would format the magazine on the school desktops, but since moving online they transitioned to their laptops.

“I think I can speak for all of us, both at the Eckerd Review and beyond, when I say that this transition was disorientating,” Page said, “It’s all different, but we’re adapting and making the best of it.”

“Students all reacted differently. Some had trouble adjusting to the transition at first but our leadership team stepped up to the challenge,” The Review’s Faculty Advisor Gloria Munoz said. 

Williams was also one of the club’s leaders last year.

“I hope that this year’s magazine lives up to the standards of the year's past, despite doing the entire thing remotely,” Williams said. 

Since the school closure, the magazine has worked hard to continue to make sure the art and literature is available to students.

“I did encounter a few formatting and design issues when it came time to format the rest of the magazine,” Williams said, “we managed to fix the issues, but it has definitely been a headache for us.”

The magazine is hoping that the school will be open for the summer in order to distribute the physical copy of the magazine on campus in the fall. 

“An e-release will be totally different than celebrating in-person at our usual party,” Munoz said, “I’m still glad we're doing something to celebrate the hard work of all our editing team and to showcase the writing and art in the issue."

Co-Science Editor

Kylee is a junior majoring in marine science with a minor in journalism. She loves going to the beach and playing with her dog.

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