Eckerd Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

The 2018 annual Eckerd College Thanksgiving dinner had more than 250 attendees. This year the meal will be held at 3:00 p.m. in Fox Hall.

For students and staff remaining on campus during Thanksgiving break, Eckerd provides a Thanksgiving meal to those interested in order to celebrate the holiday as a community.

For anyone that is stuck on campus, away from friends and family, the Eckerd Thanksgiving Feast provides an opportunity to connect with fellow students, faculty and staff over a holiday meal.

Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students James Annarelli first began the Eckerd College Thanksgiving dinner in 2001 with his wife while he was serving as acting Dean of Students at the time.

“It occurred to me that there were a number of students who could not return home for Thanksgiving for various reasons and I wanted an on-campus option for them other than eating in the cafeteria.

Attendance at the dinner has grown from the first 69 participants present for its inaugural year to having more than 250 people at last year’s Thanksgiving meal, according to Annarelli.

The annual meal will be held on Thursday, Nov. 28 at 3:00 p.m. in Fox Hall. The buffet will include turkey and tradition side dishes, as well as thanksgiving-themed alternatives for vegans and vegetarians. There will also be football games on the big screen and Thanksgiving crafts for those who bring kids, or any adults who want to get creative.

“For me it encapsulates the Eckerd community at its best,” Annarelli said. “Students, faculty, staff, ASPEC members, ELS participants, families of students and guests coming together and celebrating as an extended family.”

Students with their IDs can use a meal swipe for the dinner; for other students, faculty, staff, friends and family, the fee is $8.50. Starting on Nov. 1, tickets are sold in the Bon Appetit Dining Services Office, located in the Café Bon Appetit building. Or, interested parties can call 727-864-8411.

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