The ECFeminists held a meeting on March 28 at Fox Hall Patio from 8 - 9 p.m.

With more than two-thirds of the Eckerd student body being female, the EC Feminists Club fills a niche that is relevant to a large demographic on campus. An Instagram account is already running though the group is still going through club chartering. 

On March 28 at Fox Hall Patio, the group held a kickoff meeting from 8 - 9 p.m. Led by Anna Novak, sophomore in environmental studies and sociology, and Talia Lima, junior in sociology and music, a group of 11 students gathered to introduce themselves and brainstorm future projects for the group. 

“Sadly EC Feminists really died off when the pandemic happened,” Lima said. “Our goal right now is to revamp women’s resources.”

Lima is a work scholar for the Women’s Resource Center, which she advocates as a center for everyone to have a safe space. The center is planning a kickoff event for early April, though a date has not yet been set. 

The main goal of the group is to charter as an official club through ECOS, according to Novak. The current lack of a budget and formal organization is due to the pandemic, where many students previously involved graduated or were too preoccupied, Lima said. As of right now, Novak and Lima are looking for officer positions to be filled such as treasurer, vice president, social media manager, secretary, events coordinator and artistic manager. 

One of the events the group is most passionate about holding is Bodies and Bagels. 

“It has always been a big event,” Novak said. “But it hasn’t happened in two years. It’s important because it promotes self-love and body positivity.” 

Typically the event includes paper macheing body parts of women whilst sharing bagels. In the future, the group discussed conducting markets in collaboration with Artists for Impact, clothing swap events, jewelry-making sessions and open sharing discussions. 

First year Marine Science major Abby Breitenbach came with a friend to the first meeting. 

“I think it’s a good place for women and other people just to talk about issues around feminism,” Breitenbach said. “I feel like feminism is often given a sort of bad rep like it’s only for women. When we gather and talk about it, it makes it not as taboo.” 

Novak and Lima welcome and invite anyone to come to the Women’s Resource center, located just beside Fox Hall, to talk with them about the club. Follow @ecfeminists on Instagram to stay updated. 

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