Pictures of Activities

Students pose for socially-distanced photos during Autumn term 2020. Palmetto Productions continues to host events around campus even with new safety guidelines in place.

With all of the changes in Eckerd’s functions and events due to the pandemic, Campus Activities had to adapt to the circumstances in order to provide students with the classic Eckerd experience.

In-person events must be kept to a minimum, but that isn’t stopping Lova Patterson, associate director of campus activities, from trying to make the digital ones enjoyable.

“I feel that because of the reach that clubs and organizations have through virtual interaction, it is easier to give students an instant connection,” Patterson said. “We have found some great positives in virtual programming that will most likely remain with us for some time.”

Campus Activities is determined to make the online events feel as immersive and special as any other in-person one would on campus. This is done through encouraging interaction from students, Palmetto Productions leadership and an overall energy that Eckerd can provide.

According to ECOS Vice President of Student Engagement Erin Bradley, there is a big emphasis being put on keeping Eckerd safe in these times, and that includes making the in-person events socially distanced and requiring masks. All events are also held outdoors and the amount of attendees is lowered.

“Eckerd isn't Eckerd without a close community, so we are doing everything we can to get our campus and students adjusted to this new normal,” Bradley said. 

Plenty of upcoming events are coming up for students to choose from on campus including crocheting, a silent disco event and outdoor movie nights for those thirsting for campus events.

Campus Activities is using digital outlets like social media (@ec_campusactivities) and The Flush to inform students on upcoming events. Many other clubs also have their own respective social media outlets as well in order to keep students updated on upcoming events.

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