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Actress Margot Robbie reprises her role as Harley Quinn in the R rated movie “Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.” The movie follows the zany action-packed adventures of Harley Quinn and her new friends as she attempts to rediscover herself following a breakup with The Joker. 

It is clear who is running the show as Quinn begins the movie with a narrator voice-over and a quick animation introducing herself and telling the audience that she and the Joker split-up. Quinn continues to narrate throughout the movie and jumps back and forth in time to tell her story. 

Harley Quinn is known for her crazy fighting style and accompanying weapons. Quinn has been called a wild card with her own unique style of fighting and this movie does a great job displaying Quinn’s acrobatic style. All the fight scenes are well-coordinated and paired with a great soundtrack to bring the best of comic book fighting to a live-action movie. 

The soundtrack, produced by Atlantic Records, has 15 all-female tracks featuring talented singers such as Megan Thee Stallion, Saweetie & Galxara and Doji Cat. Many of the songs on the song track such as “Jokes on you” and "Experiment On Me" are uniquely linked to Quinn and her experiences with The Joker. The songs also fit well into the visuals of the movie and action sequences. 

During the movie, Quinn uses several unique weapons, some new but several of her classics, such as her mallet and a baseball bat. The most colorful of her new weapons is no doubt the bean bag launcher she uses to break into the police station that also has glitter and colored gas options. The action may seem like a bit much but it is perfectly aligned with Quinn’s crazy personality. 

Hardcore fans of the character should be happy as the movie overall stays true to the comic books. Quinn has her pet hyena, her stuffed beaver and her trusty roller-blades by her side. These are fun easter eggs for any comic book readers but anyone can enjoy the movie without reading Harley Quinn’s comics. 

Although the cast is incredible, the storyline is a bit sloppy and undeveloped. The plot of the movie hinges on the villain’s, Black Mask, desire for a diamond embedded with the bank account numbers to the fortune of the Bertinelli crime family. While money is often the driving force behind a villain’s motivations, this particular plot point seems weak. The diamond itself is probably worth a lot of money so for it to be the key to more money seems excessive. 

Another issue with the movie is the somewhat misleading title. The main title is “Birds of Prey” but a more accurate title would be something more specific to Harley Quinn and although the movie is also known as “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey” the official title remains a bit misleading. Anyone looking for a DC Birds of Prey movie that focuses more on the original comic book members, Black Canary and Oracle, will be disappointed.

Overall despite a few weak plot points, the movie is a stunning work of filmography with an amazingly powerful soundtrack. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Harley Quinn, superhero movies and/or movies with strong female characters. It’s time to meet the Birds of Prey.

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A sophomore majoring in marine science, Christine enjoys reading and solving Sherlock Holmes-style mystery books in her free time.

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