2020 Fall Cancelation Picture

In Fall 2019, Morgan Waugan and Zoe Abrams spent a semester in Eckerd's London Study Centre. During excursion week, the two, pictured here in Glasgow, Scotland, stayed in the nearby town of Paisley.

Eckerd’s International Education Department canceled this fall semester's study abroad program for the first time. The cause: dangers of COVID-19.

Diane Ferris, international education department director, has been involved with the program since 1996.

“There were a couple of times that they have canceled a certain winter term program because of unrest in that country, but never Fall,” Ferris said.

Ferris said that students’ safety is the department’s top priority and the staff was disappointed as well, but agreed it was the responsible choice. After Eckerd’s 2020 virtual Commencement in May, the college determined the cancellation. 

“When I first learned that the London trip was canceled, I was devastated...it was the overall best decision to protect us and people in the U.K.,” Alexandra Deniz Philippidis, a junior who was originally supposed to study abroad, said. “I really wish I was able to go, but hopefully this spring or next year I can participate in a spring into summer course.”

Currently, International Education is assisting several students with studying abroad in spring with partner programs such as Nanzan University and Kasani Gaidai University in Japan and ISEP which offers many locations. The department will be recruiting first-year students for the next Fall study abroad shortly. Also, London professors from the canceled study abroad classes are contributing to a Fall Eckerd London remote course.

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